About our company

NACMA LogoNACMA provides international consultancy, management and investment services. The company was established in January 2011 by Antwerp entrepreneur Vincent J. De Roeck. NACMA closely cooperates within a global network of affiliated experts and specialised partners. The company is based in Berchem, Belgium. Prior to September 2014, NACMA's seat was located in Knokke, also in Belgium.

About our founder

Vincent De RoeckVincent J. De Roeck read law and international relations at the universities of Namur and Leuven. He served as students’ representative in the governing bodies of the university and co-hosted an international summer school at the Catholic University of Leuven.
He has participated in many advanced economic seminars in the United States, including those from the Institute for Humane Studies (George Mason University), the Foundation for Economic Education, the Institute of Economic Studies and the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He also studied economics classes at the Free University of Tbilisi, the Paul Cezanne University in Aix-en-Provence and the Economic University of Prague.
Vincent J. De Roeck remains active in various organisations and closely cooperates with economic think tanks in Belgium and abroad. He completed the TTMBA-programme of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation in Washington D.C. in 2010.
In recent years, Vincent J. De Roeck held different positions at the European institutions, and worked as an independent consultant and private investor. He currently serves as board member, owner and manager of several companies.



NACMA offers consultancy services in PR and communication, public affairs and corporate law, the latter with a special focus on contracts and taxation.

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NACMA actively partakes in the management of companies, non-profits and business projects on behalf of the interests of third parties as well as its own.

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NACMA pursues a mixed and well-balanced holdings portfolio of passive investments and active participations in the real economy.

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